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Estragon Mustard


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Senf estragon

Mustard is obtained from ground mustard seeds combined with vinegar, sugar and spices.
Since it is an excellent appetiser and has good digestion effects, it is ideally used with rich meals that have a high fat content.
Enjoy the culinary variants of Estragon Mustard.

Storage: Store at a temperature of 10 °C.

Best before: Date printed on the lid.

Packaging: polystyrene 75 g, tube 100 g, polystyrene 140 g, glass: 350 g and 700 g.


Nutritive value

Energy and nutritive value calculated for 100 g of product

Nutrient Measure unit Quantity
Energy value kcal 100
Energy value kJ 416
Masti g 5,70
- zasićene masne kiseline g 0,32
Ugljikohidrati g 9,20
- šećeri g 4,10
Vlakna g 1,30
Bjelančevine g 5,50
Sol g 1,80

Data source: Podravka d.d.


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