Environmental protection is one of our top priorities, and that is why we rationally use energy and are increasing our focus on renewable energy, use the highest quality raw materials, and ensure careful management of waste.

Environmental protection policy

Environmental protection is the first of the four pillars of the Sustainable Business Strategy of the Podravka Group. Through ongoing development of our operations and advancements of business processes, products and services, we are reducing our negative impacts on the environment.

With the strategic approach to sustainability and focus on environmental protection, the Podravka Group is aiming to integrate sustainability into all its business processes and to apply the following determinants into its operations:

  • Fulfilling all legislative requirements concerning the environment, in Croatia and on all markets where the company is present
  • Application of the principles of sustainable development in operations
  • Acting with the aim of achieving energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, and increasing the use of sustainable energy sources, whereby contributing the reducing greenhouse gas emissions, primarily CO2
  • Improving production processes with the aim of reducing food waste, and handling food waste based on the principle of a circular economy
  • Responsible waste management with the aim of reducing the total quantities of generated waste and reducing the quantities of generated municipal waste
  • Responsible management of wastewaters and attention to the quality of wastewaters
  • Reducing water consumption in production processes by increasing the share of recirculated water
  • Application of the principle of responsible agricultural production by reducing the use of mineral fertilisers and pesticides and continuously working to improve soil quality
  • Application of the principles of sustainability and conserving biological diversity through the implementation of RSPO certification and ECO certification of a share of the organic products, and their distribution
  • Implementation of consumer demands concerning the use of packaging, and continuous increases of the share of environmentally acceptable packaging solutions, which contributes to reducing the amounts of packaging waste and implementation of a circular economy
  • Risk management through an integrated analysis system for potential risks throughout operations, proactive and preventative action, and continuous improvements to company management systems
  • Ongoing care for employee education so as to raise awareness in the areas of conservation, sustainable use, protection, and improvement of the environment
Environmental protection


Through our activities, we aim to find optimal solutions to reduce waste that is destined for landfills, by increasing the share of recycling, reuse and composting of waste wherever possible. Several examples are worth mentioning:

  • In 2022, the Podravka completed the research project entitled “Development of innovative products from the by-products of vegetable processing”, co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development. The main goal of the project was to research the technological opportunities to isolate nutritionally valuable parts of the by-products of peppers, pepper seeds and seed cores in order to achieve a nearly 10% increase the efficacy of technological processes in making ajvar;
  • Podravka Lagris a.s. uses atmospheric nitrogen as an ecological method to treat raw materials that is also completed neutral to the environment;
  • At Mirna d.d., fish processing and the production of sterilised tinned fish is designed so as to maximally use the raw materials, to achieve production without waste to the greatest extent possible. By-products from fish processing (fish heads and offal) are sold to approved facilities that use them as a raw material in the production of animal foods.
  • In 2023, Podravka d.d. signed a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture on preventing and reducing food waste entitled “Combatting food waste together”.


Strategic goals related to waste management are:

  • Reducing food waste in production by 5% per tonne of product produced by the end of 2030
  • Reducing the total waste generated per tonne of product produced that is sent to landfill by 2% per year to the end of 2030
  • Reducing municipal waste per tonne of product produced by 2% per year to the end of 2030

We care about water.

In our production processes, we aim to rationally use water, while wastewater is treated and cleaned before release into the system.

The strategic goal associated with water is:

Increasing the share of recirculated water in production

  • Increase the ratio of recirculated water from 10% in 2022 to 16% by the end of 2030

We operate through two fundamental business segments, Food and Pharmaceuticals, activities that are not listed in the Delegated Regulation on the EU Taxonomy of climate sustainable activities, meaning that these are activities that do not have a significant negative impact on climate as the production processes do not release large amounts of greenhouse gases.

Through the active management of business processes and investments in technological modernisation and energy self-sufficiency, we are creating the preconditions for continuous reductions of CO2 emissions, which is one of our strategic goals.

Our strategic goals regarding emissions are:

Reducing our own CO2 emissions

  • Podravka d.d. by >60% to the end of 2030
  • Podravka Group by >40% to the end of 2030

We contribute to reducing waste and sustainable waste management by selecting environmentally friendly packaging for a wide range of our products.

The strategic goals associated with packaging use are:

  • By the end of 2030, 100% of packaging will be recyclable, returnable or compostable for all food products
  • By the end of 2030, all packaging is polystyrene free
  • A minimum 25% share of recycled packaging materials in plastic packaging of Podravka products by 2030

We are a large energy consumer, and are continuously working towards increasing our energy efficiency. We systematically ensure the security of our energy supply and increasing energy self-sufficiency by investing in inhouse generation of renewable energy. We have launched a strong investment cycle with the aim of increasing the share of renewable electrical energy and heat energy, and increasing the energy efficiency of our equipment and processes.

We are already the owner of Croatia’s largest rooftop solar plant, and since 2017 we have been using wood chips as a climate-neutral energy source in our production plant in Koprivnica.

Our strategic goals relating to emissions are:

Increasing the share of renewable energy sources (RES) in total energy consumption

  • Podravka d.d. from ~20% in 2022 to ~40% RES in 2025, and >60% RES in 2030
  • Podravka Group from ~10% in 2022 to ~20% RES in 2025, and >40% RES in 2030.

Reducing energy consumption per tonne of production

  • Reduction from 1109 kWh/t production in 2022 to 917 kWh/t production in 2030
  • Increasing RES from 114 kWh/t production in 2022 to 383 kWh/t production in 2030

Introducing quality systems

  • Implementation of the standard ISO 50001 – Energy management systems – by the end of 2025

We are strategically focused on making a positive contribution to biodiversity through several goals.

Reducing mineral fertilisers and pesticides in agricultural production

  • An 8% reduction in the use of mineral fertilisers per ton of produced primary raw materials by the end of 2030

Improving soil quality

  • A 15% increase in the quantity of humus and calcium added to the soil by the end of 2030

Forest regeneration and reforesting other lands

  • By planting 100,000 trees, we will contribute to the absorption of a minimum of 2000 tonnes of CO2

Restoring wetland areas

  • Cooperation with the Kopački Rit Nature Park, with the aim of preserving wetland habitats and increasing the natural absorption of carbon

Introducing quality systems and traceability

  • Implementation of the standard ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems by the end of 2030
  • Use of 100% RSPO palm oil in the production of cream spreads by the end of 2030

We invest in the modernisation of agricultural equipment and machinery, and improving the quality of our lands and irrigation systems, in order to better manage our agriculture and sustainable production.

We know and understand just how demanding it is to grow premium quality vegetables, and that is why we offer partnership, support and security. In cooperation with our partners, we provide them expert assistance and we set our purchase prices in advance for pickling cucumbers, red horn peppers, tomatoes and chilli peppers that our partners grow in their fields and gardens.

  • Partnership, support and security
  • Crediting production in production materials
  • Secure purchasing and payments

Pickling cucumbers

Selected cucumber varieties, pickled according to the original Podravka recipe, have long been an essential resident of every pantry. Podravka pickles stand out for their pleasant flavour, specific aroma, and recognisable crunchy texture. Their production is suitable to small farms, with yields of up to 5 tonnes per hectare.

Red horn peppers

Red horn peppers are processed to make ajvar, and the secret of every good ajvar is in the variety and quality of the peppers. The secret of Podravka’s ajvar lies in our own original varieties of red horn peppers, called the Podravka, Slavonka and Pitomka, created to make the perfect ajvar. In order to grow the best peppers that will become a part of Podravka ajvar, we secure seeds of our own varieties.


Podravka tomatoes are grown in the regions of Istria, Medjimurje and Podravina. In addition to fullness of flavour and a creamy texture, the true richness lies in their processing within 24 hours of harvest, which retains the maximum nutrition. Processed tomatoes are an even better source of lycopene than fresh tomatoes, and better used by the body. The agricultural production of tomatoes is fully mechanised, and when the recommended agrotechnical measures are followed, yields can be up to 100 tonnes per hectare.

Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers can come in mild or hot varieties, and at Podravka we can boast of using chilli peppers of preserved old varieties. These are traditional local varieties that we have isolated from years of chillis grown in this area, and we preserve their genetic purity. Always available, practical for use, and prepared according to our reliable Podravka recipe, they ensure a bite of pleasure for every meal. In production we use yellow hot and green mild chilli varieties.

When contracting agreements with our partners for vegetable production, we define all the purchase conditions (price, quantity, payment periods, etc.). Podravka purchases all fresh vegetables at the Kalnik factory in Varaždin, with payment made no later than 30 days after delivery. For industrial processing, we exclusively purchase industrial vegetables.

All agricultural producers interested in growing vegetables for Podravka can contact us at the contact info below:

Telephone: 048/653 038

E-mail: poljoprivreda@podravka.hr

Luka Gašpar luka.gaspar@podravka.hr


Podravka also has its own agricultural lands, and produces between 4 and 5.4 thousand tonnes of vegetables and other crops. In recent years, we have invested in the modernisation of agricultural production (machinery and equipment), improving the quality of lands and irrigation systems, all with the aim of better management of agriculture and sustainable production. Accordingly, we have set goals such as reducing the consumption of mineral fertilisers and protective compounds, and digitalising agricultural production. With the aim of securing greater quantities of raw materials grown on Croatian fields, we are also expanding cooperation with partners and increasing the production of strategic raw materials to ensure continuity of production, while also contributing to improving the quality of life in rural areas.