Carefully selecting ingredients and aromas, Podravka creates products which generations of consumers can enjoy, owing to their unique and specific flavours.

The flavour of food is one of the most important criteria in selecting what we eat. Through the careful selection of ingredients and aromas, Podravka creates products with a unique and distinctive flavour that all generations of consumers can enjoy. Family preferences and traditions, lifestyle, environment, age and gender are all key in building dietary habits.

In the Laboratory for sensory and culinary research, run by Professor Zlata Bartl, flavours are designed using culinary devices and techniques, 3D food printing robots, and software solutions for the best combinations of ingredients based on chemical composition. Testing and confirmation are performed using classical (explicit) sensory methods, and advanced (implicit) software solutions based on artificial intelligence, in interaction with consumers of all age groups. In addition to our own development purposes (experimental development), the laboratory is also intended for industrial research and cooperation in research projects.

In addition to research and development, this laboratory is also equipped with the most contemporary multimedia equipment for creating media content and live streaming for product promotion. The Good Hygiene Practice standard has been implemented in the laboratory.

Sensoric analysis

  • Delicious Podravka product do not happen by accident. A large team of experts is responsible for this, having many years of experience, dedicated to understanding the consumer needs and flavour preferences. Every product goes through testing in professionally equipped laboratory for sensoric analysis, which is completely aligned with international ISO standards. Podravka employees have an important role in the work of this laboratory, who participate as members of evaluation panels, depending on laboratory needs.
  • A good quality product is the one that satisfies or supersedes consumer expectations. This is the reason why we systemically integrate our consumers in the sensoric process of product development.
  • Sensoric acceptability is primarily comprised of taste quality, and is an important platform without which the product will not be a success.
  • After showing primary interest in the product based on advertisements and promotion surrounding it at the moment it is launched to the market, permanent sustaining of proven taste quality is important for long-term success of the product.