Podravka Inc. was privatized and registered as a joint stock company in 1993, and since 1994 its stock has been freely traded on the Croatian capital market. Shares of Podravka Inc. have been placed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange under the ticker PODR-R-A since 1998 and are the only stock that never left the band share index CROBEX since the beginning of its computation. As of 27th December 2018, shares of Podravka Inc. have been listed on the Prime Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

Share movement

The total number of Podravka Inc. shares is 7,120,003 ordinary shares listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange under the PODR-R-A ticker. The shares may be purchased and sold through members of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. The existing shareholders may check the status of their shares with the Central Depository and Clearing Company or the Group's Secretary Office at +385 48 651 504.

According to the Rules of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, the percentage of shares distributed to the public does not include shares owned by the Issuer (treasury or own shares) and shares owned by persons who hold at least 5% of the number of shares listed, excluding shares on aggregate custody accounts and shares held by pension and investment funds (provided that their share does not exceed 25%).

Due to high liquidity and realized average daily turnover, the Podravka share has been listed in several stock market indices. Apart from the Croatian CROBEX and CROBEX10, CROBEXprimeCROBEXplus and CROBEXnutris indices, the Podravka share is also listed in STOXX® indices.

In order to increase the liquidity of shares and reduce its volatility, Podravka Inc. signed a contract with market makers on the performance of market maker trading. The purpose of the market maker is to increase the liquidity of individual shares so that investors have more confidence in deciding to invest in such securities. 

In July 2015 Podravka Inc. successfully executed capital raise and thereby increasing the number of shares by 1,700,000. Reason for capital raise was to finance acquisitions and business development. The interest shown for subscription of shares was 33 percent higher than the number of available shares. Please find below the Prospectus on Issue and Listing of New Ordinary shares of Podravka Inc..