Areas of work

Our scientists, technologists, engineers and technicians are our greatest strength.

Research-development projects are focused on:

  • developing new and innovative products
  • sensory testing of food
  • nutritional and culinary research
  • consumer behaviours with regard to food
  • food processing
  • food quality and safety
  • sustainability.

We are connected with Croatian and international scientific and research colleges, institutes, small and mid-size entrepreneurs, suppliers and consumers. 

Corporate product development

Design quality, flavour, appearance, consistency, packaging, new and innovative food products – these are all created with a view to consumer habits, the market and other environmental factors. We are always on the lookout for an opportunity to introduce innovations into an existing product category and to launch radical new products. Our team of food engineers prepares development prototypes of products, then designs and confirms the technology of production in the pilot lab (scale-up process).

Industry 4.0 has given us the possibility for greater efficacy, and therefore our teams think up and design concepts for digitalising business processes and integrating the company’s technological resources, to generate new knowledge and competencies.

Independently or in cooperation with the scientific community and external partners, the team launches and participates in a range of research projects that contribute to the company’s sustainable operations, and to the circular economy.

Nutrition and sensorics

Nutritionally balanced food to benefit the health of consumers is at the top of the list of quality requirements for Podravka products. Gender, age, dietary habits, lifestyle, and environment are all important assumptions for creating the specific nutritional profile of our products. The nutritional strategy of Podravka is the result of the coordinated work of nutritionists, technologists and marketing experts from Podravka, with the Food science laboratory, Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb.

In the fully digitalised laboratory for sensory and culinary research, run by Professor Zlata Bartl, rapid prototyping is possible using 3D food printers, contemporary culinary devices and testing the sensory quality of food using both explicit and implicit methods. Employee training and education are an important segment in sensory quality control and the promotion of nutritionism.

Quality control

The quality control system and verifying the health safety of raw materials, semi-finished products, ready-made meals, packaging, and the environment is conducted in quality control laboratories, in line with the defined Control plans and in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice.

In addition to our in-house laboratories, quality control is also performed at accredited external laboratories. Ongoing investments in employee knowledge and competencies are investments in the quality of our products and brands.

Regulatory tasks

The Regulatory team possesses a wide range of knowledge about food legislation on markets around the world, and contribute to the better implementation of national and federal regulations pertaining to health protection and timely consumer notification. The scope of this business function extends from the start of product research and development all the way to the post-marketing phase, including confirmations of quality and health safety, product registration and notifications, product inspections on the market, and policy creation. Activities include establishing contacts and exchanging information between companies and national regulatory bodies, and participating in the creation and adoption of regulations in Croatia and the EU.