Areas of work

Our PhDs, MAs, technologists, engineers and technicians are the greatest power of our company.

Research-development and innovation activities are performed through the following areas:

Research projects and open innovations

Research-development projects are focused on:

  • consumer,
  • food,
  • food processing,
  • food quality and safety,
  • sustainability.

We are connected with Croatian and international scientific and research colleges, institutes, small and mid-size entrepreneurs, suppliers and consumers.  

We build a platform for open innovations, aiming to faster generate innovative solutions for development of new and competitive products.

Product development

Innovative products of Podravka quality are created in its development teams. Podravka quality is the result of the features of its products which ensure consumer satisfaction (appearance, taste, aroma, safety) and high level of trust in Podravka's values such as: excellence, creativity, innovation, passion and consumer focus.

Good quality products under recognizable brands are one of Podravka's main competitive advantages. Podravka's mission is creation of new and innovative products, while knowledge, skills, attitudes, passion, vision and devotion to goals are the main features of its development experts.

All of this provides our consumers for more than 60 years with a sense of trust, well-being and safety.

Nutrition and sensorics

Nutritionally balanced food at well-being of consumer health is on the top of the list of quality demands from Podravka products. Gender, age, eating habits, life style, climate are important presuppositions for creation of a specific nutritive profile of a product.

Training and education of internal staff is an important segment in sensory quality control. Knowing the habits and attitudes of consumers in various markets is a precondition for development of new and innovated products.

Packaging development, declaration design and a way of packing as parts of product development process

Application of new and energy efficient technologies of food processing and packing proces, with the goal of maximum preservation of product's nutritive quality, are an important segment of Podravka food.

We build the recognizable image of Podravka brands through good quality, memorable and functional packaging design.

With the packaging we protect the health of our consumers, create and guarantee the safety and trust in our brands, contribute to the hygiene in the overall production process and we follow trends in the packaging segment. 

Quality control and quality assurance

Development, implementation and maintenance of the integrated management system are defined in Podravka's Food Safety And Quality Management System Policy, based on the following standards, preconditions and principles:

  • quality management ISO 9001,
  • food safety FSSC 22000, IFS, BRC, NSF, HALAL, KOSHER,
  • precondition programs (cleaning and pest control, pesticides supervision in the "from field from table" process),
  • HACCP principles (allergens, biological and chemical dangers.

Quality control and sanitary validity of the raw materials, semi-ready products, finished products, packaging, environment is performed in the quality control laboratories, compliant to defined Control Plans and compliant to good laboratory practice. Apart from our own laboratories, quality control is also performed in external accredited laboratories.

Continuous investment in knowledge and competencies of the employees is investment in the quality of our products and brands.

Agriculture development

Agricultural activities in research and development within the company have been present for over 50 years. Seed base and agricultural seeds control, soil analysis, climate changes monitoring, education of Podravka manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials are an integral beginning of Podravka's story "from field to table".

Our experts have been authorised for a professional and sanitary supervision of the production and agricultural seeds and they participate in the creation of new, selection and storage of existing crops species. 

Regulatory affairs

Podravka's team for regulatory affairs has wide knowledge on food law in markets around the world and contribute to better implementation of government and federal regulations relative to health protection and providing consumers with proper information.

The scope of this business function is from the beginning of the research and product development, all through to post-marketing stage, including confirmations of the quality and sanitary validity, product registration/notification, inspection monitoring of the product in the market. Activities also include contact and exchange of the information between the company and government regulatory bodies, and participation in creation and passing of regulations in Croatia and EU.


Our experts have created Podravka's Environment Protection Policy. They are responsible for managing waste and water, air emission and participation in environment protection activities.