Sustainability is integrated into all aspects of our operations, and our goals contribute to mitigating climate change, protecting the environment, improving consumer health, and ensuring corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable business strategy

With the Sustainable Business Strategy of the Podravka Group, we have defined the strategic approach to sustainable development to 2030 through four pillars and ten goals.


Environmental protection is one of our top priorities, and that is why we rationally use energy and are increasing our focus on renewable energy, use the highest quality raw materials, and ensure careful management of waste.

Corporate social responsibility

We invest in improving the quality of life of the society we operate in, and providing support to projects that share our true values.

Management systems

We recognise the market demands and continuously work to advance our business processes.

Sustainability reporting

We regularly and transparently report on sustainability to enable all our stakeholders to track our development and contribution to the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).