About us

Having our own Research and Development department is an organizational tradition of Podravka and its competitive advantage.

About us

Activities in the area of research and development are the carriers of development of our company. They include the values represented by prof. Zlata Bartl and her teams - passion, creativity, innovation, excellence, trust and consumer health.


To unite research and development activities with innovation, for the purpose of developing new and innovative products and services, to the well-being of health and increase of everyday quality of living for our consumers.

The greatest value of Podravka's Research and Development department are its people. Teams of food technologists, nutritionists, biotechnologists, agricultural engineers, biologists, pharmacists and technical staff are dedicated to creating high quality, innovative products that are safe for consumer health and the environment.

Our laboratories for product development, sensory analysis, taste research, raw material quality control, semi-finished products, ready-made products, packaging, production plant and environment all have the aim of continuously ensuring the highest quality of Podravka products, and building a relationship of trust with our consumers.

Our laboratories

  • Laboratory for sensory and culinary research, run by Professor Zlata Bartl
  • Laboratory for product development
  • Research and development semi-industrial laboratory (PILOT laboratory)
  • Laboratory for quality control, food safety, and wastewater control

Apart from the laboratories, Research and Development department is also an education center for employees, consumers, associates, students and pupils.