Vanilla sugar

Vanilla sugar

The sweetest resident in each drawer with condiments

For long time now Vanilla sugar and its familiar irresistible flavour and taste, has been a favourite and undispensable condiment for preparing various confectionery products and pastries.

Therefore, before you start preparing your favourite desserts and sweets, be sure that  this "secret flavour" be at your hand. 


An indispensable help in preparing desserts • Pleasant vanilla flavour and taste

vanillin sugar improves the taste of your cakes, desserts, milk, coffee and tea beverages. The packet contents is enough for 4 cups (500 g) of flour or 4 cups (1 l) of liquid.

sugar, aroma (vanillin).

  • Storage: keep in a dry and cool place.
  • Shelf life: 12 months.
  • Packaging: 10 g.

Nutritional values

Energy value 396 kcal / 1677 kJ
Fat = 0 g
- Saturated fats = 0 g
Carbohydrates = 99 g
- Sugars = 99 g
Proteins = 0 g
Salt = 0 g
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Source: Podravka d.d. Per 100 g of product

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