Podravka history
through the years


Did you know?

Company name Podravka comes from the name for the female inhabitant of the Podravina region, where the company is headquartered. It originated in 1947 on the foundations of the former workshop for fruit processing and making jam owned by the Wolf brothers, and has later become renowned in the country and abroad for the production of universal food seasoning - Vegeta, which has been exported for half a century in more than 70 countries around the world, on all five continents. Podravka is renowned today not only for its brand Vegeta, but also for numerous other brands; Dolcela, Lino, Eva, Fant, Kviki and so on.

Both in the country an abroad Podravka has become renowned for the production of Vegeta.

Podravka logo was changing over the years. Dominant colour, especially in the last thirty years, is the bright red on white background. In the colour specter, red is among the warm ones, and as this is a food processing company, the choice of colours is quite recognizable, having positive influence on people's emotions.

Podravka's slogans that survived throughout the years were "From heart to heart" and "Company with the heart", the slogan "When you cook with the heart, you cook Podravka soup" was used for years in the campaigns. Apart from being in the company's logo, the heart is symbolically used as a source of human emotions, and it is known that food in the lives of many is a source of vast spectrum of pleasure.

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