Employees are our greatest fortune. Recognizing them, evaluating knowledge, innovation and work, encouraging individuality and team work, with dynamic, creative and successful people are a foundation of our success.

About us

What kind of an employer are we?

We are the kind of employer that builds the culture of trust, passion, excellence, creativity and focus on consumer satisfaction.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and desire to win are Podravka's key values, built into its every business process. New programs, educational programs, good cooperation with partners, constant economic growth and expansion to international market networks are only some of the evidences to this claim.

Respect and trust are cherished in the domain of interpersonal relations, and team work is based on honest dialogue and transparency in work is encouraged and supported on every assignment and environment, because it makes a sound basis of continuous progress.

Podravka is a place where our employees feel like "at home", but also a place where they can contribute to company growth and development, and we recognize and reward individuals who invest additional effort in business in an inspiring, efficient and professional manner.

Through various education programs we systematically invest in people, which differentiates us with a high level of culture evident in the behaviour of our employees on any occasion.

The company offers additional opportunities for those determined and willing to develop their professional capabilities. There are three key goals in development of professional and organizational capabilities: to enable employees to continue their development in their field of expertise and to advance in their career; to keep up with constant environmental and organizational changes, supporting strategic development goals of the company, in all the domains of human resources management; creating additional value for our buyers, owners and employees.

When planning personal development, we recognize and support individuals achieving significant results in their previous work, and whose development potential shows further possibilities for advancement and career development. Career development plan is possible in three areas: general knowledge, professional knowledge and general managerial knowledge, skills and capabilities.

People are our greatest asset, and we base our success on creative, dynamic and professional employees, who comprise the key to Podravka's success with their knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm.

We appreciate team work, respect and trust, we encourage excellence and focus on results, and in return we offer business challenges, dynamic work environment and opportunities for professional and personal growth and development of every employee. Podravka ensures their employees possibilities of individual and team achievement of all potentials, and management sees opportunities of achieving business goals of the company by providing support for such aspirations.

Key role is given to employees who can make the company recognizable among the competition and more successful on the market, owing to their knowledge and skills. We want our employees to completely fulfill their potentials, to learn continuously and perfect themselves and to contribute to company development with their new knowledge and skills. Knowledge and capabilities are the company's most valuable asset of today.


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Make your first contact with Podravka even before you finish your formal education and be a part of Podravka's future. Either through student jobs or student practice and graduation theses, enter Podravka's world and discover why we are the company with a heart.

Recipe for success

Key role is given to employees who can make the company recognizable among the competition and more successful on the market, owing to their knowledge and skills, and therefore knowledge and skills are today the most valuable assets in our company.