In the competitive business environment, Podravka strives to continually improve its operations and product lines, and to retain its leader position in many categories, while taking the specificities of each particular market into account.

We are one of Croatia's largest exporters, and by continuously achieving growth, we have further solidified our leader position on the markets of the Adria region. The foundation for strong, continuous growth is in the development and upgrading of our key brands, innovation in our product lines, keeping up with trends and responding to our customers' needs, planning and successful execution of sales and marketing activities on all markets, and effective cost management, operational efficacy and long-term profitability.

Through digitalisation and new business models, we are continuing to strengthen our operations on international markets, while retaining our position on the domestic market.

Podravka strives to be a leading producer of brand-name products on the markets of the Adria region, while in Central and Eastern Europe, it is achieving additional growth and strengthening its market position. In the region of Western Europe and Transoceanic countries, the objective is to expand our presence, approach the domestic producers, and focus on portfolio development.

Through systematic improvements to our operations and product quality, under recognisable brands, we are focused on achieving greater value for our stakeholders. Our internal strengths are focused towards achieving synergy between the food and pharmaceutical business segments.

It is important to stress that Podravka is an important link in connecting business and social entities in Croatia and beyond, and our activities are aimed at contributing to the development of the wider community.