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Spring mix


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Spring mix

Quick frozen mixed vegetables for soup. Ingredients are in variable proportions: peas, carrot, celery, red pepper and cauliflower.

  at - 18°C until date printed on the packaging.
at - 12°C 1 month.

at - 6 °C 1 week.

Once defrosted do not refreeze!

Shelf-life: At -18°C until date printed on the packaging.

Directions: Put frozen vegetable mix into boiling salted water. Boil for another 10 minutes. Season to taste.


Nutritive value

Energy and nutritive value calculated for 100 g of product

Nutrient Measure unit Quantity
Energy value kcal 27
Energy value kJ 112
Masti g 0,10
Ugljikohidrati g 4,70
Bjelančevine g 1,60

Data source: Podravka d.d.


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