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Kids breakfast cereals

Lino Crunch

Lino® Crunch are wheat, chocolate balls enriched with calcium, iron and vitamins. They are quick and easy to prepare, tasty, natural and nutritious.Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Shelf life: Shelf life of the product is twelve... More

Lino Crunch duo

Considering that Lino knows very well what the children like, he knows their habits and wishes, he is always trying to enrich their childhood and now he has created in his factory new natural and tasty chocolate meals. For our faithful youngest... More

Lino Pillows snack – pillows with Lino lada filling

Lino Pillows with Lino lada filling provide you with double chocolate pleasure. Chocolate taste from the outside, white Lino lada from the inside. Lino Pillows filled with Lino lada milk provide you with an irresistible combination of... More

Lino Njammy

Lino Njammy are delicious bear-shaped snacks of the most acceptable taste of chocolate. Packaged in happy and joyful packaging, with dominating teddy bear image, they simply lure the children into tasting them! Ingredients: cereals 61%... More

Lino Pillows

Lino Pillows are tasty cereal pillows filled with cacao cream product. Lino Pillows are easy to prepare, they are delicious, natural and nutritious.Ingredients:  cacao cream product 40% (sugar, crude vegetable oil, cocoa powder with reduced fat 9.3%,... More

Lino Crisp

Lino® cereal are an excellent meal for children. They are quick and easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious (enriched with vitamins, iron and calcium). Have fun and find delight in your favourite chocolate flavour. Storage: Store in a dry place... More

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