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Herbal tea


Podravka tea plum provides a carefully selected mixture of finely ground herbs and fruit, with rounded and rich taste and aroma. It is a pleasant surprise that will warm you in the winter and cool you in the summer with the taste of juicy, scented... More

Raspberry and vanilla

Podravka tea raspberry and blackberry with vanilla provides a carefully selected mixture of finely ground herbs and fruit, with rounded and rich taste and aroma.Raspberry is known for its unique aroma and profound delicate sour taste, blackberry is... More

Apple and cinnamon

Podravka apple and cinnamon tea is a mixture of ground herbs and fruit enriched with enticing aroma and taste of apple and cinnamon. Whipped cream aroma is also added, providing the fullness of the flavour. For its pleasant fruity taste,... More


Ciciban tea is a mild herbal mixture of common herbs. The majority of this tea consists of fennel with exceptional balm scent and bitter taste, and is relieved by adding chamomile, pleasant thyme and honey-tasting linden. Exceptionally pleasant and... More

Orange with cinnamon and cloves

Podravka tea orange with cinnamon and cloves is a mixture of dried, finely ground herbs and fruit enriched with orange aroma and added aromatic seasonings of cinnamon and cloves. Sweet and sour taste of delicious orange is enriched with cinnamon... More


Chamomile tea definitely takes the first place in the range of Podravka's herbal teas.It is the most common and recognized drink with various applications. Chamomile is a domestic herbal tea made from excellent raw materials grown... More


Podravka rose hip tea can rightfully be called the king among teas as it bears a significant role in improving general health of the body and in increasing resistance in winter months. Rose hip is very well accepted in the conventional menus and is... More


Podravka's linden tea is a completely natural tea composed of dried linden flowers. It has a mild and pleasant balzamic taste and is recommended for winter time to heat up the body.   Preparation: Pour the filter bag with... More


Podravka's hibiscus tea is a pleasant sour drink, especially refreshing as cold during hot summer days. For its attractive colour and particular taste it is often chosen for many fruit cocktails.  Ingredients: hibiscus flower.... More


Podravka mint leaves tea is an aromatic and pleasant drink with mint flavour. Relaxing and soothing qualities of this tea are known since long ago. It is known to relieve pains and cramps. For this it is recommended to have a cup of mint tea several... More

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