Everything tastes better with pancetta

It is easy to know the quality of pancetta - ideal ratio of fat and meaty parts, but the production process is complex and takes a lot of effort.

Salting, drying, ripening and smoking the meat is our part of the process, whilst your part is: enjoying the taste. Pancetta can be used as and additional ingredient to dishes, in sandwiches, on plattas or pizzas. Enjoy pancetta!


Full taste makes this product a true delicacy • Traditional Croatian produc


serve as cold cut. Ready-to-use product, no additional preparation necessary; cut in thin slices, serve in a sandwich, as cold hors-d'oeuvre or as a part of various culinary delicacies.

  • Storage: at temperature up to + 7 ° C - vacuum packing
  • Shelf life: 180 days vacuum package.
  • Packaging: vakuum package app. 400 g.


pork bacon, salt, preservative E250. May contain soy and mustard. 100 g of the product is produced from 145 g of porc bakon.

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