Tyrol sausage

Tyrol sausage

The queen of sausages

Tyrol sausage has found its place on the very top due to a high content of high-quality meat.

High quality pork and beef meat makes even 84% of the sausage. 

Complemented by carefully selected spices this sausage brings a great gastronomic pleasure either when served for breakfast or as a cold cut appetizer. Warning: Only one bite could make you  start yodeling from delight!


Produced from high quality mea


ready-to-use product, no additional preparation necessary; serve in a sandwich, as cold hors-d'oeuvre or as a part of various culinary delicacies.

  • Storage: keep at temperature up to + 7°C.
  • Shelf life: 75 days.
  • Packaging: polyamide wrapping 2 kg, 350 g.


meat 88% (pork and beef), water, salt, spices and spice extracts, soy protein, dextrose, emulsifier E450, antioxidant E316, flavour, preservative E250. May contain mustard.

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