Tuna spread classic

Tuna spread classic

Bread has never been so happy!

If bread woud be able to choose, it would most definetely chose this tasty, unbeatably spready spread! Prepared from the softest tuna fillets carefully combined with seasonings providing unforgettable taste for you and for every bread slice. 

No preservatives, can be used for daily delicacies, but also for the more festive ones - it's up to you! 


Prepared from quality tuna fillets • Excellent spreadness • Natural taste, no preservatives


the product can be consumed without previous culinary processing.

  • Storage: in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Shelf life: 24 mjeseca.
  • Packaging: 50 g, 95 g.


tuna (Euthynnus (Katsuwonus) pelamis) 32%, whey, water, vegetable fat (palm fat, palm oil), sunflower oil, milk proteins, defatted soybean flour, starch, modified starch, onion, salt, spices, coloring (paprika extract). It may contain wheat, eggs, and celery.

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