Ham luncheon meat

Ham luncheon meat

Treats you well

Ham luncheon meat is produced from the finest ingredients, and is characterized as exceptionally juicy. It contains 30% less fat compared to other standard products in the market, that is why it is labeled as "light".

Exceptionally low energy value, 104 kcal per 100 gram of product. Therefore, it is suitable for the consumers who tend to take care of their nutrition, but still want to be and stay real and true gourmands. 


Exceptionally juicy • Light product(30% less fat compared to others) • Very low in calories (104 kcal per 100 gram of product)


Preparation: As a cold cut or in combination with a variety of side dishes.

  • Storage: Storage: Keep in dry and cool place at room temperature.
  • Shelf life: Shelf life 4 years: Best before date printed on the packaging.
  • Packaging: Package: 150 g.


Ingredients: pork (70 %), water, salt, dextrose, thickener (407), stabilizer (451), antioxidants (316, 330), flavour, spices, sugar, preservative (250).

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