Blue berries for everyday pleasure

Blueberry flavoured tea is a homogenous mixture of chopped up herbal and fruit raw materials. It consists of fruit and herbs (hibiscus, apple, rose hip, elder and blueberry) enriched with aroma.

For its pleasant fruity taste, this tea is appropriate for any occasion. Each filter bag is wrapped separately in special aroma wrapping that contains freshness and flavours. One cup of tea will immedeatelly wake you up and bring you back to the nature. 

Blueberry is considered to have a high content of antioxidants, that is why in folk medicine it is widely used to improve eye health and sight and heal cataract, which has been confirmed over years by numerous researches. 



Can be prepared with both warm and cold water • Packed in an aroma envelope

Značajke proizvoda

Bez glutena


pour the filter bag with 2.5 dl of boiling water and cover. Remove the filter bag after 8 minutes. Sweeten to taste.

  • Storage: keep in dry place.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Packaging: 20 filter bags in aroma wrapping of 3 g/net: 60 g.


hibiscus flower 45%, apple 22%, rose hip 11%, aromas 8%, elder 6%, cinnamon rind 5%, blueberry fruit 1.5%, acidity regulator 1.5 %.

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