Quality control

Podravka's Quality control system consists of a dozen of laboratories integrated through IT system for quality management.

Quality control system

Quality control system consists of a system of laboratories integrated through IT system SAP QM, responsible for planning, control and verification of quality and sanitary validity. SAP QM module was implemented in all the laboratories for Quality Control in 2009, with the purpose of managing quality at the company level and support to management and advancement of quality.

Quality control process starts by controlling the raw materials aligned with the existing legislation in the HR/EU and countries in which Podravka exports its products. Raw materials go through multiple controls, including verification of inbound documentation, supervision of the inspection authorities and analysis in the Quality Control laboratories and external accredited laboratories.

Verification of all production stages is continued by the control of the semiproducts and finished products before they are launched to the market.

Quality control plans have been set according to legislative and specific requirements, and are based on risk evaluation and trends analysis. 


To perform risk evaluation and verification in real time, with minimum costs and aim to protect consumer health and interests, using Podravka's own knowledge and resources and external resources.


To direct knowledge and competencies of the employees to risk evaluation in all the stages of the supply chain, aiming to create confidence and partner relations with consumers/suppliers, with continuous advancement of quality control processes.

Knowledge and competencies

Knowledge and competencies of the employees make Podravka's laboratories recognizable and appreciated by the experts. Podravka's Quality Control is one of the most active members in CROLAB (Croatian Association of Laboratories), and since 2010 it initiates and leads inter-laboratory comparisons between acredited and non-acredited laboratories in this region.

All the efforts invested prove the credibility of the results for the users within Podravka, to auditors, inspections, suppliers, buyers and most of all, to the faithful consumers.