Nutmeg ground

Nutmeg ground

An aromatic spice

This spice was originally used only to flavour beer, though its use became more significant in Arabian cuisine. In northern India, it forms part of the spice blend garam masala. In western cuisine, nutmeg is popular in the preparation of cakes, crackers and sautéed fruit. It is also used in flavouring cheese for fondue, and in combination with spinach, it is a classic filling for ravioli.


100% naturally


Use nutmeg for seasoning soups, sauces, bechamel sauces, potato, rice, spinach and cauliflower dishes and for preparation of some types of cakes and jams.

  • Storage: keep in dry place.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Packaging: bag 15g.


ground nutmeg.

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