Cloves whole

Cloves whole

Aromatic buds

The name comes from the Latin word clavus meaning nail, due to its specific shape. Cloves are actually the dried flower buds of a tree. Cloves are used to create a balanced flavour in marinades and stocks for preparing fish, poultry, wild game and meats. It has become a staple in classical and formal dishes, and in the decoration and preparation of baked ham. Dalmatian braised beef (called pašticada) is an old, traditional dish containing cloves, which the seafarers brought back as a spice from the distant corners of the globe.


100% naturally


clove is an indispensable spice for the preparation of various desserts, cooked wine and sweet breads. It is used for simmering or cooking meat and in ham dishes.

  • Storage: keep in dry place.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Packaging: bag 18g.


whole cloves.

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