Black pepper whole

Black pepper whole

Add some pepper!

Black pepper is obtained by a special process of drying top quality berries. Absolutely natural spice. 

There is no spice to compare with it - we use it when pickling cabbage, in various marinades and numerous soups. Once you taste the power of freshly crushed pepper, you will always get back to it. Let these aromatic berries roll your culinary story to some new directions! 


100 % natural


grains of black pepper enhances dishes and gives off a pleasant aroma to soups, meat dishes, sauerkraut and dark sauces, and has a special place in pickled vegetables.

  • Storage: keep in dry place at room temperature.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Packaging: bag 30 g, grinder 42 g.


grains of black pepper.

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