Lino Lada cream spreads stand out from the rest thanks to their premium quality, wide selection of flavours and different packaging sizes.

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Lino Lada – Flavours galore!

Lino Lada cream spreads are available in five different flavours, and it is difficult to say which is best!

The combination of milk, hazelnuts and cocoa in the bicoloured brown and white cream of Lino Lada duo is a special treat – on crepes, toast, bread or just on a spoon. This delicious and irresistible creamy blend gives double the pleasure and remains the best-selling of all five flavours.

The most prizes since its creation in 2018, however, have gone to Lino Lada Gold – a chocolate spread with a perfect hazelnut flavour, with a dark hazelnut cream further enriched by toasted chopped hazelnuts. 

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