Agreement reached on new wage increases for employees of Podravka, Mirna and Belupo

  • Starting in January 2023, the net wage of employees will be increased by HRK 500 to 560
  • In December 2022, employees will receive a bonus payment of HRK 2000
  • In total, HRK 41 million will be invested into improving the material rights of employees of Podravka, Mirna and Belupo

The negotiating teams of the employers and unions have reached an agreement on amendments to the Collective Agreement and a new package of measures to additionally increase wages and other material rights of employees of Podravka, Mirna and Belupo, worth over HRK 41 million.

As of January 2023, the net earnings of employees Podravka, Mirna and Belupo will be increased by between HRK 500 and 560 per month.

As of 1 December 2022, for the salary payment in January 2023, the agreement will see an increase in the base salary from HRK 1.880 to 1.910, an increased in the fixed supplement from HRK 470 to 510, and an increase in the bonus supplement to the monthly salary from the current net HRK 250 to 500. An increase for the monthly transport allowance from HRK 170 to 220 was also agreed.

With the aim of supporting young families, the maternity allowance will be increased to HRK 10.000, and the gift for children increased from the current HRK 600 to 1000. The difference of HRK 400 will be paid out this December, together with the Christmas bonus of HRK 1.500.

As of 1 December, the retirement allowance will be increased from the current HRK 10.000 to 15.000, and the per diem rate will be aligned with the legal maximum.

The participation of employees in food costs as of 1 January will be EUR 0.50 in comparison with the current HRK 5. In all, the agreed increases to the material rights of employees in 2023 amounts to around HRK 25 million