Over the past 5 years, Belupo’s equity has been increased by HRK 425 million

Focused on investments in production

Koprivnica, February, 20th – By decision of the General Assembly, the capital equity of Belupo d.d. will be increased by HRK 100 million, from the current HRK 479 million to HRK 579 million.

The capital equity of Belupo is increased by input of the rights of claim which, as the sole shareholder of Podravka d.d. has base on distributed and undistributed profits in the amount of 100 million kunas. „With the significant increase of the pharmaceutical division equity, we confirm the importance of this part of our Group.“, said Zvonimir Mršić, president of the Podravka Management Board and president of the Belupo General Assembly.

In the last five years the Belupo capital equity has increased by more than  HRK 425 million, with the claimed amount of HRK 154 million in 2012, to HRK 579 million that it claims today, through reinvestment of the current income and capital increase, money deposit, input of terrain for the construction of two new pharmaceutical factories and conversion of debt for unpaid profits.

„These impressive numbers affirm our focus towards the future and the realization of results for all our stakeholders – from stockholders and employees to the community which we live and work in. The Podravka Group belongs to one of the biggest investors in new production capacities in Croatia. Over the last five years we have invested HRK 1.5 billion in new production plants, out of which HRK 500 million went for the construction of the two new medicine factories“ said Zvonimir Mršić, The President of the Belupo General Assembly.

The factories have been granted a Certificate of Occupancy. Obtaining the manufacturing authorization is the next step as well as employment of a hundred workers with high school and University education, from the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemistry and technical sciences.

„The commencement of new production processes, which is expected middle of this year, will significantly contribute to the GDP growth, the increase of exports and enhance the general perception of the domestic industry and economy.“, said in conclusion Zvonimir Mršić.