Podravka employees to receive a HRK 3000 bonus with their salary in December

The employees of the Podravka Group companies in Croatia will receive a Christmas bonus in the net amount of HRK 1500, in which HRK 1000 will be paid out in money in December with the salary for November, while employees will receive the remaining HRK 500 as an in-kind gift.

The decision to pay out the Christmas bonus was made in line with the Collective Agreement for the Podravka Group, in agreement with the unions on the payment of a one-off salary bonus for Christmas 2018.

Furthermore, the Podravka Management Board has also passed the decision to pay out an annual bonus for employees for the successful operations in 2018, in the net amount of HRK 1500. The payment of HRK 1000 will be paid out to employees on 21 December 2018, and employees will receive the remainder of the bonus as in in-kind gift, valued at HRK 500. The annual bonus is paid out as stimulation for the employees' contribution to this year’s record results, as the best operative result in the long history of Podravka.

Therefore, in December, in addition to their monthly salary, employees will receive an additional net amount of HRK 3000.

The Podravka Management Board would like to thank all its employees for their efforts and dedication, which they invest every day into the growth and development of the company.

“The key to our success is our valued workforce – our employees selflessly invest their knowledge and efforts into the development, production and placement of our products and brands on over 60 markets around the world. We know that every investment in our employees brings multiple benefits to the company, and we are working continuously to increase employee satisfaction. Proof that we are succeeding are the recently completed negotiations to amend the Collective Agreement, which will significantly improve the material rights of our employees, together with the record-breaking results in this year,” stated Marin Pucar, Podravka CEO.

To recap, the new Collective Agreement of the Podravka Group will become effective as of 1 January 2019, thereby improving the material status and rights of employees. Among the agreed amendments is an increase in the base salary to HRK 1880 and a fixed supplement of HRK 470, with a local transport supplement in the net amount of HRK 170. Also, the employer will pay a savings of HRK 1000 into the 3rd pension pillar for each employee every year, proportionate to the number of months in which the employee was employed. Furthermore, the amount of the jubilee award has been increased, in addition to the financial assistance in the case of death of an immediate family member, from net HRK 2500 to 3000. A 50% increase in the one-off bonus to the salary for Easter, from net HRK 400 to 600, was also written into the new Agreement. It is also worth mentioning that the Podravka employees in the lowest salary bracket already received a net HRK 1000 salary increase as of 1 October.