Incentive for Podravka employees

Podravka pays incentive to its employees for achieving business results in 2016. For this incentive HRK 4 million will be allocated.

Compliant to Podravka Group Collective Agreement, Management Board reached a resolution on special incentive payment to workers, for their contribution to achieving business results of the previous year, 2016. Incentives will be paid by the end of May, and about HRK 4 million will be allocated for this.

Considering the achieved profit in 2016, gross of HRK 951.73 is allocated per worker, and this year as well the workers can choose on the model of payment. They can decide whether they would like this incentive to be paid into 3rd pension pillar.

„Contribution of each and every employee has been built into company results and successes, which is particularly appreciated and rewarded by Podravka as an employer. Paying annual incentive is an expression of gratitude for their dedication to the work and to the company, but also an encouragement, to contribute to even better business results and joint success in the upcoming period with their valuable work“ Marin Pucar, Podravka Management Board president said.