Podravka at the 76th "Velesajam" Autumn Fair

Prize winning game “Win a flat with Podravka soups”
The appearance of Podravka at this year’s Autumn Fair will be marked by its line of soups, and the new great prize winning game “Win a flat with Podravka soups”, which will begin on Monday, 11th September. Besides a traditionally rich food-tasting programme and the “live” preparation of dishes for the visitors of Podravka’s exhibition site in Pavilion 1, a prize winning game for visitors will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (15th, 16th and 17th September). The prizes will include small kitchen appliances from the range of one of the largest producers of domestic appliances, and partner company of Podravka – “Electrolux”.
Regardless of the fact that Podravka’s appearance at this year’s “Velesajam” is determined by topic, there will be time to present some new Podravka products. The presentations will be carried out in Podravka’s mobile kitchen, and visitors will have the chance to taste novelties from the lines of Vegeta, Talianetta, Dolcela and some other new products.

Danica – launch of the new meat-spread package design

Podravka’s meat processing plant “Danica” will not be missing from the central Croatian fair, and its appearance will be marked by its meat-spread range. The promotion of its new packaging will also be accompanied by tasting sessions and prize winning games for visitors.

Visit the exhibition site of Podravka in Pavilion 1!