Hrvoje Kolarić to leave Belupo at the end of his mandate, current Management Board members Tihomir Heđever and Marko Đerek remain in the new board

The Supervisory Board of Belupo has appointed new members of the Management Board, Tihomir Heđever and Marko Đerek for a three-year mandate. The current president of the Management Board, Hrvoje Kolarić is leaving Belupo, at the end of his mandate. President of the Supervisory Board, Martina Dalić, PhD announced the upcoming appointment of a new president of the Belupo Management Board, and until then, Tihomir Heđever and Marko Đerek, will continue to run Belupo as members of the Management Board.

President of the Supervisory Board of Belupo, Martina Dalić, PhD thanked Hrvoje Kolarić for his many years of dedication to the growth and development of the company, to the benefit of its employees and shareholders, and wished him much luck in his future career.

Hrvoje Kolarić served as president of the Belupo Management Board since 2012 and gave a great contribution of Belupo and the expansion of its operations. During that period, two factories have been constructed and equipped, for solid, and semi-solid and liquid forms of medicinal products, an investment valued at HRK 535 million. This investment, then the largest greenfield investment in the Republic of Croatia, opened 200 new jobs.

The new members of the Management Board will be Tihomir Heđever and Marko Đerek. Tihomir Heđever joined the Management Board in May 2020 and is responsible for controlling, treasury and accounting. Before joining the Belupo Management Board, Tihomir Heđever was a senior manager in the Multinational Audit Division at KPMG. He is an experienced project manager, and proved his skills of financial consultation in conducting due diligence of operations and restructuring. 

Marko Đerek joined the Belupo Management Board in February 2022, and is responsible for management of all Belupo markets, business development, registration, and research and development. Marko Đerek has a long, 27-year career behind him, including positions as a member of the Podravka Management Board responsible for managing sales and distribution on all markets of the Food sector, and director of sales and hospital operations for Southeast Europe in the company Pliva/TEVA.