Podravka's Supervisory Board reached a resolution on extending the term to current Management Board and a resolution on Management Board members appointment

At today's Supervisory Board session, a resolution was passed that Marko Đerek be appointed as Podravka Management Board member, as of 18th July, 2017. Marko Đerek has a long-year management experience in international companies, and is coming to Podravka from the position of sales director in charge of Southeast Europe at PLIVA/TEVA.

Supervisory Board also reached a resolution that the Management Board president and member' terms be prolonged until 23rd February 2022.

The Management Board was thus shown full confidence and support to continue strengthening company's market positions, both on domestic and foreign markets, where Podravka Group has been present for a number of years. One of the basic goals of current Management Board is that Podravka be the flagship of trends in the segment of product innovation, and modern technological solutions and increasing overall business efficiency.