Podravka invests HRK 21 million to increase employee salaries

At today’s session, the Podravka Management Board adopted a package of measures to improve the status and position of Podravka employees. This is a set of measures aimed at increasing worker salaries, and comes into effect as of 1 April of this year.

It was decided that the lowest work complexity coefficient for employees at Podravka d.d., Belupo d.d., and Mirna d.d. will be increased to 1.87, which will encompass nearly 520 employees.

Additionally, the performance coefficient all employees of Podravka d.d. and Mirna d.d. will be increased to 1.15, and a monthly bonus in the amount of HRK 250 will be paid out every month.

This described package of measures will encompass just over 3250 employees, and the highest absolute increases will, as a rule, be granted to employees who currently have the lowest earnings.

“Personally, it is most important to me that these changes bring the greatest increases in salaries for those workers who until now received the lowest salaries, to ensure that no one in Podravka earns less than the minimum salary. I believe that if our business results continue as they are, we will then be able to discuss next steps,” stated Chairperson of the Podravka Management Board, Martina Dalić, after this decision was passed with the aim of improving worker rights.

Specifically, these measures will mean that in April (with payment in May), the salary of an employee with the lowest qualifications and without years of service, who is not entitled to the shift work bonus, will earn about HRK 500 more than they are receiving now. If that same employee has more than 10 years of service, and earns bonuses, for example for shift work and working conditions, then their earnings could be more than HRK 700 thanks to these measures.

Additionally, by mid-April, all employees of Podravka d.d., Belupo d.d. and Mirna d.d. will receive a one-time bonus payment in the net amount of HRK 1250 for successful operations in 2020.

Through these measures, more than HRK 21 million will be invested to improve employee rights. In addition to the planned funds for employee expenditures, these investments to improve the material rights of employees will also be covered through savings at other cost levels. The appropriate decisions to this effect were also passed at today’s session of the Podravka Management Board.