Release of own shares - Notice on 15.11.2022

PODRAVKA Inc., Ante Starčevića 32, Koprivnica, PIN: 18928523252 (the Company), hereby notifies that on November 14th 2022, the Company released 3,332 ordinary shares of the Company with the ticker PODR-R-A, which represents 0.046798% of the Company's share capital.

Pursuant to above, the Company share purchase right of the former employee was executed, so that 3,332 shares were purchased from the Company at an average weighted price for the year 2020 of HRK 413.25 per share, which amounted to a total of HRK 1,376,949.00.

After mentioned release of the shares, the treasury account of the Company holds 90,755 of the own shares, which is 1.274648% of the Company's share capital.