Podravka invests HRK 21 million to increase employee salaries

At today's session, the Podravka Management Board passed a package of measures to improve the status and position of Podravka employees. This is a series of measures aimed at increasing salaries for just over 3250 employees, and will become effective as of 1 April of this year.

Further, by mid-April, all employees of Podravka d.d., Belupo d.d. and Mirna d.d. will receive a one-time bonus payment in the net amount of HRK 1250 for successful operations in 2020.

Through these measures, more than HRK 21 million will be invested to improve employee rights. In addition to the planned funds for employee expenditures, these investments to improve the material rights of employees will also be covered through savings at other cost levels. The appropriate decisions to this effect were also passed at today’s session of the Podravka Management Board.