Notification of changes in voting rights

Pursuant to the Article 472 and Article 482 of the Capital Market Law, PODRAVKA Inc. Ante Starčević Str. No 32, Koprivnica, PIN: 18928523252 (hereinafter: Issuer) hereby notifies it has on 17th March 2020 received a Notification from the company AZ d.o.o. mandatory and voluntary pension fund management company of changes in voting rights in the Issuer.

The Issuer received the following information:


Company, headquarters and registered office of the issuer of shares

PODRAVKA Inc., Ante Starčević Str. No 32, Koprivnica


Legal entity that has risen above the 15 % threshold

AZ d.o.o. mandatory and voluntary pension fund management company, Zagreb, Heinzelova 70, PIN: 58384724129, president of the Management Board: Kristijan Buk, members of the Management Board: Mario Staroselčić, Slaven Bošnjak, in its own name and on behalf of the pension fund:

AZ mandatory pension fund category B PIN: 59318506371


Information on the shareholder if the shareholder is different from the legal entity stated in paragraph 2



The data on the chain of controlled undertakings trough who the legal entity from paragraph 2 is holding the voting rights



Data from Art. 482 paragraph 2 of the Capital Market Act

acquisition of Issuer's shares


The document on the basis of which the 15 % threshold is exceeded



Data on the number of acquired voting rights (absolute and relative) that exceeds the 15 % threshold

absolute number: 21,689 relative number: 0.31 %


Data on the total number of voting rights (absolute and relative) which is held after exceeding the 15% treshold

absolute number: 1,083,416 relative number: 15.22 %


Date of exceeding the 15% treshold


Enclosed is Notice of changes in voting rights as received.