Notice on the acquisition of own shares – regulated information on 02.08.2022.

Pursuant to the Article 474 paragraph 1 of the Capital Market Law and in accordance with the  Resolution of the General Assembly of the Company on providing authority to the Company  Management Board on acquiring own Company shares, No:GS-1-6-2020 of April 30th 2020  (Resolution of the General Assembly), PODRAVKA Inc. (Company) hereby announce that on:
- July 29th 2022 have been acquired 250 own shares with the ticker PODR-R-A,
- August 1st 2022 have been acquired 200 own shares with the ticker PODR-R-A,
by trading at the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

After mentioned acquisition of own shares, the treasury account of the Company holds 105,820 of the own shares, which represents 1.486235% of the Company's share capital.