Investment in the technological modernisation of operations valued at nearly HRK 30 million

As part of the recently announced investment cycle by the Podravka Group, the Podravka Management Board has passed the decision to invest nearly HRK 30 million in technological modernisation of Podravka’s production. This investment includes the procurement of new lines for the production and packaging shaped products in the Koktel snacks factory based in Koprivnica.

With this investment, Podravka will completely modernise this technological work process. In addition to raising the efficacy of the production process itself, this will also create the assumptions for the production of existing and new products in the children’s cereal line.

With its brand Lino, Podravka holds the leader position on the Croatian children’s cereal market, while it is one of the most prominent brands on the Slovenian and Serbian markets. With the installation of this new production line, the production capacities will be increased, thereby allowing for further growth and development of this range of products.

Modernisation of Podravka’s production units will continue in the forthcoming period, and it is the company’s intention to raise its development to an optimal level, in order to adequately respond to the increasing challenges of the many markets it operates on, while also ensuring high quality working conditions for employees.