Information on the Status of Independence for the Supervisory Board of PODRAVKA Inc.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 138 of the Exchange Rules of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, PODRAVKA Inc., Ante Starčevića 32, Koprivnica, PIN: 18928523252 (The Issuer) hereby informs that folowing members of the Supervisory Board Mr. Želimir Vukina (President of the Supervisory Board), Mr. Luka Burilović (Vice President of the Supervisory Board), Ms. Marina Dabić, Mr. Tomislav Kitonić, Ms. Ivana Matovina, Mr. Petar Miladin, Ms. Dajana Milodanović and Mr. Krunoslav Vitelj have no family, business or other relations with the Issuer, majority shareholder or group of majority shareholders or members of the Management or Supervisory Board of the Issuer or majority shareholder.