Address of Martina Dalić, President of the Management Board, to shareholders of Podravka d.d at the General Meeting in Koprivnica on 14 June 2022

Dear Podravka shareholders, The General Meeting is an important event in the life of a company, as this is the opportunity for the company owners to directly consider the company’s results. For us at Podravka, it is also a special responsibility, considering the sheer number of shareholders, and given the specific nature of our largest shareholders, made up of state institutions and pension funds. At the Podravka General Meeting on 14 June 2022, 12,748 shareholders have the opportunity to participate, of whom 12,623 are natural persons and 125 are legal entities. Taking into account that not all shareholders were able to attend this Meeting, for any number of reasons, I would like in this way to address each and every one of you, to outline our business results, and the circumstances and challenges we have faced in our business.

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