The Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of Podravka Inc. is the fundamental document that regulates the organization, bodies, business activities, headquarters and other issues relevant for the company, all in accordance with the Companies Act. All regulations and procedures of the company bodies shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association.

The Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure of the Management Board of Podravka Inc. have been adopted for the purpose of a quality, consistent and transparent corporate governance, regulating the organization, operation and decision-making of the Management Board in joint and several conduct of business affairs of Podravka Inc.



Podravka Inc. operates in accordance with the OECD guidelines for corporate governance, guidelines for corporate governance of HANFA and the Zagreb Stock Exchange, as well as the applicable legislation of the Republic of Croatia with the aim of aligning the rights of all shareholders and an open, professional and transparent approach in relations with the investment community.

Podravka Inc. is aware of the importance of ethical behaviour for business entities in the Croatian economy, and has therefore adopted the Code of Business Ethics, committing itself to respect the principles of ethics in all its business relations and taking on the obligation to act in accordance with the principles of responsibility, integrity, efficiency, transparency, quality, acting in good faith and respect for fair business practices towards its business partners, the business and social environment and its own employees.

Our intention is that Podravka Inc. and all of its affiliates in the country and abroad develop their own ethical principles, according to the principles of modern corporate governance.


Prospectus on issue and listing of new ordinary shares of Podravka Inc..