John Lodder

How to co-create an innovative culture with appreciative inquiry?

John Lodder (Netherlands) will give you a basic introduction into ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ followed by a concrete business case as he applied in a big company in Croatia. After this presentation you will have a good idea about the ‘power of Appreciative Inquiry’ to transform your organisation into a ‘swinging’ organisation. An organisation, in which your people will feel engaged, motivated and are eager to work on your companies’ goals. An organisation in which your people become pro-active, come up with ideas and suggestions to realise your goals.


John Lodder is from the Netherlands. He worked for ANWB, the Royal Dutch Automobile Association, in different management and expertise areas. In 1994 John was invited by FIA (Féderation Internationale d’Automobile) to start a project to help CEE Automobile Associations in developing their service levels and managerial qualities with the goal to meet the (future) demand of West-European tourists. For achieving this he spent 2-3 months a year in CEE countries working on various projects. The project successfully ended in 2015.

After studying Appreciative Inquiry (AI: THE positive change and development approach) John started his own AI consultancy in 2004 to help organisations with their strategic transformation and change processes in the Netherlands. This included coaching their executives and managers.

Besides he coached starting entrepreneurs, as well as students with their final thesis at the University of Tilburg and TIO University.

Since 2008 John lives in Croatia and is consultant for some small companies, did a major project for Metro C&C and is a coach for managers and individual people.

John gives guest lectures and workshops about AI at a.o. the University of Tilburg and TIO University (NL) and ZSEM (Croatia).

Since 2009 he writes a monthly column for Poslovni Savjetnik about management, change and transformation.