Life in Serbia has remained being slow, just like eating. Serbians slowly enjoy the spicy and sometimes oily food, barbecue, excellent domestic spirits, desserts rich in nuts, eggs and butter, and all of those hedonistic bites that the Western Europe has almost banished from the menu . Podravka Chicken soup with noodles is the best-selling product on the market soup in Serbia.


Podravka d.o.o.

Regionalni centar Beograd
Tošin bunar 272A, 5/B
11070 Novi Beograd
Republic of Serbia

tel: +381 11 2184 656
tel: +381 11 2184 703
fax: +381 11 2287 425

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Ivan Prtorić, Director
Saša Vujinović, Sales Director
Miona Vujović, Marketing Director

Regional Center Novi Sad
Milana Ješića Ibre br. 3/10
21000 Novi Sad

tel: +381 21 64 10 915

Regional Center Kragujevac
Luja Pastera 16/1
34000 Kragujevac

tel: +381 34 639 30 80
fax: +381 34 639 30 81

Regional Center Niš
Knjaževačka br. 12
18000 Niš

tel: +38 118 582 400

Podravka products have been present on the Serbian market since 2001 when a branch office "Podravka d.o.o. Beograd" was registered.

Today the hardworking employees of the Serbian branch office take care about selling the wide variety of Podravka's products. The best-selling products are these: Vegeta, Fant, Podravka soups, Lino baby food, Lino žitarice, Lino lada, Eva and Mirna canned fish, Podravka friuts and vegetables, Podravka meat procuts and teas. So Podravka, with the brands of Fant, Talianette, Kviki and Herba, on the market of Serbia in its portfolio has over 200 different products.

Eva, treasury of healthy fish products is represented by a rich assortment of canned fish and salads:

  • Sardines in olive oil, Sardines in vegetable oil, Sardines in vegetable oil with lemon, Sardines piquant and Sardines with vegetables in sauce, Sardines in tomato sauce, Delikates sardines with rosemary and sea salt, Delikates sardines with dried tomato and Delikates sardines with mint and chili
  • Tuna fillets in olive oil, Tuna pieces in olive oil, Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, Tuna fillets in vegetable oil, Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, Tuna with vegetables in sauce, Tuna with tomato and Tuna solid in brine
  • Mackerel fillets in vegetable oil, Mackerel with vegetables in sauce, Mackerel filets in tomato sauce, Herring in vegetable oil and Herring in tomato sauce
  • fish salads: tuna salad Mexicana, Mediterranean tuna salad, tuna salad Dalmatina, tuna salad red quinoa, tuna salad wild rice and ginger and tuna salad cuscus. 

Podravka in Serbia is an absolute market leader in children's food category, and Podravka Chicken soup with noodles is the best-selling product on the market soup in Serbia. Best Buy Award researches conducted in the countries of the region for the period 2013/2014. year have shown that consumers' choice No.1 in Serbia are just Podravka pickles and Chutney.

Fast facts

  • Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is almost 7 000 years old.
  • Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was born in Nis in 274.
  • The "Karadjordje steak" was named after Djordje Petrovic, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising.
  • Only in the Dominican Republic are greaves, a Serbian specialty, prepared in almost the same way as they are in Serbia.

Travel tips

For those wishing to spend a good time in Belgrade:

  • International Theater Festival in September.
  • Classic Music Festival in October.
  • Belgrade International Film Festival.
  • Try the dishes made from minced meat, dried meat, kajmak, pies and the traditional Serbian specialty known as "slatko".
  • Take home with you the "Serbian schnaps", that is plum brandy.
  • Keep in mind that the selection of vegetarian dishes is not too big.