Thanks to the diversity of regional culinary traditions, Podravka in Italy offers a diverse product portfolio. When you mention Italy, we first think of prosciutto, olive oil, mozzarella, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, tiramisu, pasta, pizza ... the list is endless.


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Italian table is always rich in various foods, but what remains a constant are regional particularities, high quality of products and sense of tradition. Food in Italy represents a true delight that is being celebrated daily as a feast for all the senses in the company of family or friends, at home or in a good restaurant.

Podravka's products have been present in the market of Italy since 2006.  Italian cuisine is unique because each region has its particularities.

In Northern regions the consumers have recognized the quality of Podravka products and thus Vegeta brand additionally enriches Italian cuisine with its taste.Apart from Vegeta, other renowned Podravka's products are: Fant, soups, Ajvar, cucumbers, canned meat, pates...

Quality and diverse application of Podravka's products gradually wins Italian consumers in all regions.


When ever it is possible, meals are eaten in campagnia (in the company of someone). The word campania comes from two Italian words con (with) and pane (bread), implying breaking of the bread with friends.

A meal in the company of other people is much more than breaking bread. A meal starts with antipasto (appetizer), which is usually 5 dishes, then there is the first dish (primo) with a selection of various pasta or rice dishes; after that there is naturally secondo which usually consists of meat or fish with added vegetables (cotorno); then there comes cheese (formaggio) and in the end dessert (dolce) and coffee (espresso).

Famous Italian food

  • appetizers
  • tomato
  • pizza
  • pasta
  • aceto balsamico
  • rice
  • tiramisu