Czech Republic

Czech Republic abounds in rivers and lakes so it is not surprising that a large freshwater fish is presented in the Czech cuisine. Fish is prepared in several ways: boiled, baked or fried. Podravka products are the winners of many awards and honors in various categories in this market.

Czech Republic

Podravka Lagris a.s

Dolní Lhota 39
76323 Dolní Lhota u Luhačovic
Czech Republic

tel: +420 577 658 111
tel:+ 420 577 658 202

Marko Vitelj, Board president

Podravka products have been present on the Czech market for many years through Lagris, the  family company, which became part of the Podravka Group in 2002.

The hard-working employees of the Czech branch office every day take care about selling the wide variety of Podravka products, first through the distribution of products to the market, and today through the newly opened representative.
The best selling products in the Czech Republic are: Podravka přísada (Vegeta), ajvars, spice mixes, tomato product and pasta and Lagris contributions dishes. Despite the atypical brand name (Lagris) for the Czech market, original is a local brand that offers different types of rice: basmati, jasmine, arborio, sushi and a full range of side dishes such as pulses (lentils, beans, peas), healthy product range (chickpeas, soya beans, quinoa, chia seeds) and potato side dish.

In the Czech Republic our products have won a number of prizes and awards in different categories: Lagris premium rices: award „Choice of the Consumers – Novelty of the Year“ (2010), Lagris premium rices: „Packaging of the Year“ award (2010), Podravka Natura: award „Choice of the Consumers – Novelty of the Year“ (2010), Lagris pasta in boil-in-bags: award „Choice of the Consumers – Novelty of the Year“  (2011), Lagris pasta in boil-in-bags: „Packaging of the Year“ award (2011), Lagris pasta in boil-in-bags: Sial d´Or Award (2012), Essence syrups: Superior Taste Award (2012).

In 2014, brand Podravka was awarded prestigious award Superbrands for the fourth time. Two years later (2016), Lagris won this Superbrands award for the first time.

Fast facts

  • It is worth to see beautiful scenery of Czech and Moravian mountains, swimming or fishing in South Bohemian ponds, fairytale castles…
  • "Zlatého tygra" is the legendary old-city beerhouse, famous because writer Bohumil Hrabal used to spend his time in it writing down the stories he would overhear there. The regulars did not let themselves get confused when Václav Havel brought Bill Clinton to this beerhouse to enjoy a mug of the finest Pilsner Urquell.
  • The best Czech specialities are cheeses, meat sausages, pork cracklings, „frgály“ cakes, plum brandy… and many other delicious dishes.
  • The Czechs comment on their cuisine in the spirit of the good soldier Svejk, saying: "It's heavy, exhausting, but so tasty."