Vegeta in Austria is positioned as a market leader in the segment of food seasoning. A typical Austrian meal can contain up to seven courses: usually beginning with meat appetizer and ending with a sweet delicacy such as a rich Sacher cake, while coffee is a "must".


Podravka d.d.

Ante Starčevića 32
48000 Koprivnica

Daliborka Jarža, Key account manager
tel: +385 48 651 682

Kreis Industriehandel GmbH
Amraser-See-Strasse 56
6020 Innsbruck

Podravka's products have been present in the Austrian market since 1995, therefore Austria has been enjoying Podravka's high quality and tradition-based product.s

Vegeta brand, the leader of all-purpose seasonings in this market, additionally enriches the Austrian cuisine with its taste.

Apart from Vegeta, the most recognized Podravka products in the market of Austria are: Vegeta Fix, Chutney and condiments, soups, meat cans...


Fast Facts

  • Area: 83.858 km2
  • Population: 8.139.000
  • Capital: Vienna
  • Official language: German
  • Currency: Euro
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Climate: moderately continental
  • EU member: Yes
  • Shopping: skiing equipment, coffee, sweets, handwork, porcelain