Armenian consumers are especially delighted with Podravka soups and food seasonings. Lamb, eggplants, mayonnaise, yogurt and bread similar to pita bread (lavash) are the basis of the Armenian cuisine.


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Head Office

Podravka d.d.
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Vedran Kelek, Executive Director for Eastern Europe

Podravka products have been present in Armenia for more than 30 years. All-purpose food seasoning Vegeta and Podravka Soups are very welcome on the tables and kitchens of the consumers in the Eastern Europe from the period of the Soviet Union.


Armenian meal is composed of small appetizers, so called mezze, cereals and vegetable salad, various kinds of meat pies, roasted mead and kebabs, various kinds of soups, goulashes, bread lavash or thin bread like pizza, lahmajoun with minced meat (beef and/or lamb), vegetables and seasoningsWhen served, lahmajoun is sprinkled with lemon juice and served with pickled vegetables. For the vegetarian kind of lahmajoun, seasoned sauce/tomato spread is put on the pastry instead of meat. Lahmajoun as an important meal is related to the Cilicia region and areas close to Syria and Lebanon.