Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board consists of nine member, it supervises business operations of the Group, and on issues in their domain Supervisory Board makes decisions based on the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board.

Dubravko Štimac

Supervisory Board President

Dubravko Štimac was elected Podravka Supervisory Board President in February 2012. Deputy president to Podravka Supervisory Board he became in early 2012, and Supervisory Board member in 2006.

Member of Podravka
Remuneration Committee.

He started his professional career as independent sales clerk at Zagrebačka tvornica papira (Zagreb paper factory) and then continued as an independent officer in foreign trade at PBZ Investholding where he became the manager of the foreign trade sector. In January 2001 he became the project manager of the retirement reform at Privredna banka Zagreb, and since October 2001 he was the Management Board president of PBZ CROATIA osiguranje, the association for managing obligatory retirement fund. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy and Business in Zagreb in 1992, and two years later he received his MA, Organisation and Management course. He participated in the Securities Processing Training Program in New York, organized by the Bank of New York, and in the Fund Management at City University Business School in London.

Luka Burilović

Supervisory Board Deputy President

Ksenija Horvat

Supervisory Board Member

Ksenija Horvat was appointed a member of the Podravka d.d. Supervisory Board in July 2015 by the company Workers' Council. 

Ms. Horvat began her career in Podravka in 1984 in an administrative position, and after successfully continuing her education while working, she took on commercial tasks for the Croatian market. In 2001, serving as the representative of the largest union in Podravka, PPDIV, she took on a full time role in the union and has since been one of the leading union negotiators in improving the rights of Podravka employees through the collective agreements for the Podravka Group. In 2002, she was first elected into the Podravka Workers' Council, and from 2013 to the present day, she has served as chairwoman of that Council. She first served as the workers' representative in the Podravka Supervisory Board from 2002–2012, and in that period also served as vice-chairperson of the Supervisory Board, and interim chairperson of the Supervisory Board in the period 2009–2010.

Ivo Družić

Supervisory Board Member

Ivo Družić was appointed Podravka Supervisory Board Member in February 2012 by the Government Assets Management Agency (GAMA).

He is permanently employed at the Faculty of Economy and Business in Zagreb as a full time professor.  He is the head of the scientific postgraduate study of the Economy and development at the Faculty of Economy and Business in Zagreb. He stayed in Brighton, England at the University of Sussex as a Visiting Fellow in 1990/91, and as Research Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, USA in 1994. He was also a Visiting  Professor in 1995 at the University of Beijing in China, and in 1997/98 at the University of Pittsburgh. He authored 2 book, co-authored 6 (2 of which he edited), 19 scientific works in magazines with international review, 10 works in proceedings from international scientific conventions and 18 scientific works in domestic magazines and proceedings. He received his MA in 1981 and his PhD in 1988 from the Faculty of Economy and Business in Zagreb.

Petar Vlaić

Supervisory Board Member

Petar Vlaić was elected Podravka Supervisory Board member in September 2010.

Member of Podravka
Audit Committee and
President of the Remuneration Committee

He started his professional career at the brokerage house Ilirika as a broker, and later becomes portfolio manager and trade manager. After moving to Zagreb he became the first fund manager in the Republic of Croatia in the first Croatian investment fund Kaptol Proinvest. Later on he works as a trade manager in IB Austria, upon which he transfers to the position of fund manager at the Central National Fund. In 2001 he became the Management Board president to Adriatic Invest for managing Mandatory Blue Retirement Fund. In late 2003 Erste MRF and Helios MRF are merged with the Blue Fund and the fund changes its name to Erste Blue Mandatory Pension Fund. During his work at the company for managing the privatization investment fund he was a member of several Supervisory Boards in Croatian companies. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Ljubljana, after which he gained the title CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), program organized by an American Association of Investment Professionals ICFA.

Dinko Novoselec

Supervisory Board Member

Dinko Novoselec was elected Podravka Supervisory Board Member in September 2010.

President of Podravka
Audit Committee

He started his professional career at the Croatian National Bank on managing foreign reserves. In late 1998 he transfers to Zagrebačka banka as the head of the analytics department, and then to ZB Invest, the company for managing the investment funds as the Management Board member. Since 2001 he became a Management Board member of Allianz ZB d.o.o., the company that manages AZ obligatory pension fund, and in April 2003 he was appointed Management Board president of the Allianz ZB, the company for managing the obligatory pension fund. He graduated math at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb and in 2000 he received his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) title, a program organized by an American Association of Investment Professionals ICFA. 

Petar Miladin

Supervisory Board Member

Petar Miladin was elected Podravka Supervisory Board member in September 2010.

He was employed at the Law Faculty in Zagreb in 1997 as a junior assistant at the Department for Commercial Law and Companies Law. In December 1999 he became the assistant at the same department where he later worked as a senior assistant.  He worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb since 2005 and since 2009 he was full professor. He published about twenty different scientific works in commercial law, companies law and banking law. Upon graduating from his studies, he worked as a trainee in the County and Commercial Court in Zagreb. He received his MA at the postgraduate scientific study in commercial law and companies law at the Law Faculty of the Zagreb University, and he defended his doctoral dissertation "Payment by remittance" in 2005 at the Faculty of Law at the Zagreb University, receiving his PhD in scientific field of law.  

Marko Kolaković

Supervisory Board Member

Slavko Tešija

Supervisory Board Member

Damir Grbavac

Supervisory Board Member