Sustainable development

Nowadays, the main focus of sustainable development is the poor state of our planet and what to do to improve this situation. Podravka, with its sustainable development oriented management, systematically considers the impact of its business on economy, environment and society

As in the past, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical behaviour and responsible corporate governance. We are proud of the integrity and commitment of our employees, managers and management. Our products are synonymous with the quality we built and preserved consumer confidence. Their safety and health are in the first place. We follow and constantly adjust to their desires, needs and demands. Mutual respect, trust and cooperation are the basis of good relations with our suppliers and business partners. Through our production, we are trying to consume as little non-renewable resources as possible and produce less waste, and we especially take care of environmental protection.

In order to meet the challenges that sustainable development brings, in 2015, we established the Department for Sustainable Development.

Among the large number of responsibilities the Department carries out is the preparation of the annual non-financial report. Non-financial reporting is the first impetus and step for many companies to manage their environmental and social impacts. How companies learn to better recognise and understand their environmental and social impacts, they will increasingly understand their possible contributions to the improvement and sustainability of their business. 

ESG report has been integrated in the Podravka Group non- financial report for 2020 and Podravka Inc. non-financial report  for 2020. ESG is an acronym for three fundamental groups of goals to be achieved within sustainable development initiatives. These goals are:

  • Environmental, – “E”,
  • Social – “S”, and
  • Corporate Governance. – “G”.

These goals are displayed through a series of criteria that serve as indicators of the effects of the company in relation to economically sustainable activities. Environmental protection (E) is viewed through the impacts of the company on nature and the environment. Social (S) criteria show how the company manages its relations with employees, suppliers, customers and the community in which it operates. Corporate governance (G) refers to topics such as good management structure of the company, employee benefits, internal control systems, transparency and shareholder rights.

We apply the new GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standards that represent the world's best practice of non-financial reporting of organisations on their economic, environmental and social impacts.

Non-financial reporting compliant with GRI Standards must include the following:

  • Principles of reporting for determining the content and quality of the report
  • General information about the organization and its practices of sustainability reporting
  • Access to organizational management for any material topic of sustainability
  • Information on the organization's impacts related to economic, environmental and social material issues (eg material issues for the sustainability of an organization can include Indirect Economic Impacts, Waste, Employment, Employee Relations and Management, Health and Safety at Work, etc.).

Each year, we determine the Team for the development of the Report on the sustainable development of the Podravka Group, which consists of representatives of all sectors within Podravka, representatives of Belupo and representatives of the Slovenian Žito.

In 2016, we won the Green Frog Award for the greatest progress in reporting, which recognised the efforts we are making in sustainable development and reporting on our activities.

Among future activities that we plan to carry out, these stand out

  • Stronger integration of sustainable development into business strategy and decision making
  • Corporate management of environmental and social impacts of business

Sustainable development for us represents:

  • A balance of economic priorities
  • Strengthening the society
  • Environmental protection
Non-financial report, which contains ESG report as well, can be found in Podravka Group Annual Reports for 2021 and 2020 and Podravka Inc. Annual Reports for 2021 and 2020.