Food safety and quality system policy

Production of high-quality and sanitary valid products based on Good Consumer Practice and the principles of quality management and food safety is Podravka's fundamental orientation.

Podravka enjoys trust of numerous consumers both in country and abroad, where the value of its products is recognized. And it is for a reason, because Podravka has recognized the basic requirements which are in its business procesess continuously applied and improved:

  • fulfillment of consumers requirements – products have to be of high quality and safe for consumption and environment friendly,
  • compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements on food safety, in country and abroad,
  • fulfillment of consumers' requirements relative to food safety and constinuous improvement of product quality,
  • maintaining and improving the communication with the suppliers, customers and interested parties in the food chain,
  • production of high quality and safe products for consumption by different consumers, is ensured through the entire food chain: from procurement of best quality raw materials all the way through distribution of finished product to the consumer,
  • respecting the tradition and introducing modern trends,
  • continuous development of employees is one of fundamental basis of food safety and quality management, and it is realized with the help of experts with the high level of technological knowledge and corporate governance,
  • continuously recognizing and implementing market requirements in the food processing industry,
  • continuously implementing and applying principles of sustainable development
  • recognizing the importance and implementation of requirements of food defense as protection against deliberate misuse and forgery of product, protection of brands and consumer rights to be informed about product consumed
  • applying the concept of risk-based thinking through an integrated company's management system to consider the potential risks for the entire business, establishing a culture of proactive, preventive action and continues improvement in company's management system

Podravka builds trust based on mutual respect for employees and its consumers and clients.