Environment Protection Policy

Environment protection is one of Podravka's priorities, and it is implemented throughout the principles of sustainable development and clean production. All of the activities have to be aligned with national legal framework regarding environment protection as well as regulations of the country in which the company does business. In case of non-existing of own legal framework, international standards apply.

Specific actions are implemented based on the Environment protection Action plan, subject to constant improvements.

Podravka is obliged to rational use of best sources of energy and raw material, waste management and constant prevention of negative influence on the environment, for production and for its products and services.

According to the principles of Environment Protection Policy Podravka will take action in its own environment as well.

Podravka is also obliged to constant reporting to the public regarding environment protection situation, as well as education and employee motivation to constantly advance the environment protection status.

Thus set environment protection implies integral solutions for all the units within Podravka:

  • waste water issues,
  • waste management in the widest sense,
  • dangerous substances disposal,
  • air emissions,
  • poluters register maintenance,
  • disposal of raw materials, finished products and packaging, non-compliant for any reason.
  • cooperation in choosing "clean technologies" and complying to ecological standards during production facilities planning and reconstruction,
  • sewage system drainage and recovery,
  • laboratory control – authorised laboratory.

The biggest problems that could have severe consequences take priority, and then everything else. The goal of resolving other known problems, as well as those that can be expected, is to bring Podravka closer to the European standards of environment protection.